How do I log in to my cpanel to set up my email ?

Login into your client control panel, located at http//:www.YOURDOMAIN.com/cams, where YOURDOMAIN is replaced by the name of your domain. The username and password were emailed to you when your account was configured. Click on Mail Management to manage your email accounts .

How do I publish a website?

There are two ways to publish your web site- you can publish files through a software package you've created your site with, or you can upload the files through an FTP program. When you log into your web site, you should look for a directory called "www" in your home directory. Place all content you wish to make accessible on your web site in this directory. For example, placing a file called "test.txt" in your "www" directory would allow users to view the file at http//www.YOURDOMAIN.com/test.txt .

How can I reset my cpanel and FTP password ?(or user name)

If you need to have your password reset, please email us at support@vhmedia.com Email our Support Team with your request to update your info, and include this information:

Your name
Your domain name
The email address used when you opened your account.

I published my site, but nothing shows up online why?

You may have uploaded the files into the wrong folder. Files that the public should see should reside in the www folder. The doorway to your web site should be named index.html.

What do you do to ensure 24×7 availability of my web site?

We use monitoring systems to ensure that our servers and services are available 24×7. Machines are polled every 5 minutes, and administrator notification is sent immediately after service problems are detected. We have also configured our servers to check themselves and correct service problems if they are detected, allowing graceful service restarts even before notification occurs.